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Can also be purchased as flash cards

Books For Language are fun reading picture story books. With exceptionally illustrated and playful stories, young readers are exposed to concepts that are basic to improving receptive and expressive language skills:

  • Understanding basic word meanings

  • Identifying word meanings with pictures

  • Learning word associations

  • Hearing and repeating rhyming words

  • Using word and phrase repetition to increase story memory

  • Encouraging formation of words, phrases and sentences to communicate the language they hear


Hello Voice Publications, created by Dr. Laura Wood Alexander, grew from her compassion to provide young children with speech language therapy and for her deep love to write poetry and rhyming poem stories. The stories, relatable to children from prekindergarten to second grade, provide an enjoyable way to focus on speech and language concepts. While researching for her first picture storybook, “The Speechless Chimpanzee,” a story about two African Grey Parrots and two chimpanzees, she learned that African Grey Parrots have large speaking vocabularies. This ability allows them to engage in short conversations with humans. Hello Voice Publications uses the logo of African Grey Parrots to represent the belief; words give voice to language, or to rephrase, words create language. Reading to a child can begin while in the womb as the mother carries the baby. After birth, the baby begins to imitate sounds heard in the surroundings and human conversation. Parents become elated recognizing this new phenomenon as “the baby is talking.” This causes parents to encourage their child to form words from the baby babble as they give meanings to the words. Thus begins the progression of language development. The child slowly begins to form words, phrases, sentences, and to ask questions. As the process continues and enlarges language evolves into communication. Books for Language presents uniquely illustrated picture storybooks in print and electronic format that focus on a particular language skill. In addition, accompanying the books are fun learning resources. These activities can be used as motivators to increase the development of speech and language.

Circle with colored letter blocks

Helps Make Learning Fun

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Interactive and Intuitive

Circle with first place ribbon

High-Quality Content

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Fun Learning Resources

Fun Learning Resources give positive reinforcement to increase language skills through picture sheets and stickers related to the stories. The sheets with stickers as a visual tracker for goals and objectives.

The Parrot Tree and parrot stickers can be used to reinforce basic skills for counting, colors, and rhyming as well as other readiness skills.

The Hop To It sheet and stickers from the story can be used to reinforce any learning concept.

The Language on the Farm sheet and animal stickers provide incentive to remember farm animals and the sounds farm animals make.  The sheet and stickers can also be used for fun placement questions: "Does a duck sit on the barn roof?"

The Animals in the Jungle sheet and animal stickers provide language experiences talk about animals are seen in jungles and the environment they live in.

The sheets and stickers can also be used for the concept of size (large/small animals), animal features, and geography for where the animals live.

There are many uses for the Fun Learning Resources with no limits to your imagination for increasing receptive and expressive language skills.

Fun Learning Resources


The beautiful color pictures and illustrations stimulate high interest and keep one engaged and exploring both internally (imagination) and externally (connecting with what is known in the outside world). A creative masterpiece!

Jeannette D.

Product: 10 Pretty Parrots Picture Book


These covers look sensational!!! I just read the book, “A Very Strange Day for Farmer Gray”. The kids loved it. They were able to answer WH questions and identify the animals and the strange activities they were doing as well. 


You’ve done a phenomenal job with the clear print & use of colors. I’d like to purchase your book about “Opposites”

Shirley S.

Product: 10 Very Strange Day

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